About IBA International


IBA's background as publishers and editors of leading business and specialist weekly and monthly publications has enabled us to understand how journalists make judgements and how these can be influenced. IBA has pioneered a unique matrix methodology, planned to establish and reinforce a client's market position and proactively delivered through a pattern of press activity.

IBA identifies key themes and trends in your industry and among your target media. We promote these themes through proactive press campaigns.

Patterns of Activity: cover every form of press communication — from releases, news alerts, letters, ‘Quotable Quotes’ and case studies to press and analyst outreach, research, desktop webinars, events, site visits, trips, photo opportunities and weblogs.

How can we deliver such a mix of activities? Simply by the way we are structured — by Skill Centres — unlike any other PR Agency.

Skill Centres: Every IBA client has a focused account team with a mix of skills — editorial, themes management, press contact skills and director-level management.

IBA's in-house editorial team of ten writers and sub-editors is bigger than any weekly publication in the management, trade and technical arenas that we serve. It's at your disposal and can write anything from a full messaging document or case study, to a Quotable Quote or ‘pitch’ email. Copy is written, sub-edited, meticulously checked through all your passing procedures and finally delivered in your name to your target press. You will never feel the need to re-write copy from IBA.

But words are not enough — you need to establish thought leadership and market dominance by having corporate executives that are experts in their own right and have them talk regularly to the press. IBA offers you the luxury of a specialist Contact Activity and Events Management Group clearly focused on putting your executives in front of your target media. The team arranges interviews, places case studies, quotes and featured articles and targets new media and blog communities.

International Reach: IBA has developed its services to be delivered on an international basis. The globalisation of business has required it, the growth of email delivery has enabled it, and the economies of scale that can be achieved by delivery through one agency in a toughened economic climate have made it happen.

IBA is affiliated to the Targetwire international distribution service, which enables you to profile your distribution directly to your target market and distribute your news, by email, directly to a journalist's inbox.

We now work directly for clients in the US and Europe with target journalist audiences in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and AsiaPacific.

Activities are delivered by a unique method of fixed cost service modules: We can cost a campaign for you that has guaranteed activity levels, with events, interviews and copy writing charged on a fixed price basis. That way you can maximise your PR activities whilst keeping control of your marketing budget.

IBA Track record of success
With over 30 years' experience in writing and producing market-leading publications, IBA has worked at the highest level for leading worldwide organisations such as Siemens, Sage and Xerox as well as with companies in new markets such as Cybit, Clash-Media and 41st Parameter. All IBA PR campaign activities are designed to generate positive press coverage for clients. We take measurement very seriously and provide continuous monitoring of both coverage and take-up in 'buddy' publications.

IBA has extremely high levels of employee and client retention. We worked for Siemens for 15 years, Verifone for ten years, ISO for seven years. The average employee length of service in IBA is nine years. This gives IBA clients the advantage of continuity and an exceptional in-depth knowledge of their specific account.

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