Building your brand

IBA International uses a unique matrix methodology to establish your organization as a brand leader. We use patterns of activity to convey key messages about your brand and reinforce those messages with powerful signals of your size, success and leadership.

IBA has established the brands of one of the top three in every major new technology wave since the company was founded, from minicomputer contenders Wang and Prime, PC leaders Acer and Fujitsu Siemens, to accounting software companies Pegasus, Coda and Sage, Supply Chain ERP rivals Manugistics and Baan and Contact Center Proponents Witness Systems and Alcatel-Lucent’s Genesys.

We can deliver this powerful branding mechanism to you because of the structured approach to campaigns and the unique Skill Center-based construction of our client teams.

The IBA HUB - Consistency - Transparency - Control

The IBA Messaging Hub enables you to deliver your message across multiple geographies without dilution of message or increase in effort - and with minimal on-cost.

It allows you to deliver your campaign while being able to maintain complete transparency and control of the message through IBA's skill center approach to writing and outreach.

The Hub model delivers your message across any geography with considerably less cost than the traditional PR model - and with greater level of output.

IBA's unique matrix methodology plans, controls, and delivers PR into every geography in which you operate.

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