iBAengage - a comprehensive Social Media service

Allows clients to engage with all their audiences

Building a Social Media strategy allows an organization to spread its messages to all of its key audiences. It does so by providing essential third party endorsement without relying on third party inter-mediation. iBAengage has been designed to work with a company's traditional PR and provide output and coverage every day of the week, 12 months a year.

All organizations know they have to engage professionally with Social Media. But this can involve a wide range of executive effort, with variable output and the possibility of conflicting and uncontrolled messages. iBAengage saves executive time and provides consistency of message while connecting the company with the current industry conversation.

iBAengage provides regular 'thought leadership' Tweet Sheets for client executives, LinkedIn Threads, YouTube Takes, and Facebook Posts in addition to day to day tweets. An important aspect of the service is that integrating social media with PR campaigns can provide clients with very significant multipliers to their social media reach. A recent IBA article, which was re-tweeted by a journalist, reached over 100,000 separate Twitter accounts - many of whom re-tweeted it. A valuable bonus - because people only follow companies or subjects that interest them.

How does it work?

IBA liaises closely with its client to align its social media output with its client's current PR, and plans an appropriate pattern of activities to ensure the client is engaged with all of its audiences. A pattern of conversations is planned covering the client's own developments and the current themes in its industry. Blogs are often produced to co-ordinate with pitches to major publications.

We then closely monitor the whole range of media in its market and produce a mixture of regular tweets, blogs, LinkedIn entries and online responses on current market developments and research that impact the company's clients and audiences. Using a professional team of writers to produce continuous flow of material allows the organization and its executives to build followings based on the company's industry expertise. It avoids the inevitable stops, starts and inconsistencies when social media is a secondary activity for busy company professionals.

Continuity builds familiarity, and familiarity builds trust.

For more information about this service please contact jforrester@iba-international.com