Proof Points

IBA International has been proactively building brands in a range of markets for over 30 years

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Re-branding Bristol and West Investments into, the brand leader in an emerging market

  • established in the eyes of financial journalists as an industry leader in new niche sector within six months
  • From small player to Front Cover of specialist bridging finance magazine


IBA's proactive approach to press relations helped Cybit get to the top - and stay there

  • Scalable PR Campaign matches need of rapidly growing company
  • Taking Cybit from niche player to global leader with unique matrix methodology


Complete worldwide press campaign to launch a technology industry leader

  • Events in three continents, analyst briefings, industry comments, white papers, regular press releases and daily journalist outreach
  • Now has the largest market share in the high-speed Powerline Communications market for multimedia home networking
  • Company's 2007 half year growth rates represent 200% increase in revenue


Building a Global Brand for Fractus means getting visibility in its target markets

  • How a specialist developer achieved quality coverage for a highly technical product in a global market


Launching new Independent Films service to key journalists and film producers in UK and US

  • Mixture of web and venue-based international press events, film reviews and Awards


How IBA matrixes helped Siemens achieve brand focus in every major IT market place

  • Eight overlaid press campaigns including retail PoS systems, PC manufacturing and government PFI outsourcing
  • Individual campaigns’ objectives, messaging and target audiences combine to build corporate branding of size and success
  • ‘Brand stretch’ took qualities of strength and expertise to new markets


Establishing Trinzic's brand leadership across Europe by expanding its UK campaign

  • Establishing a small company as a major player in a highly competitive market
  • Transferring UK leadership success across Europe