IBA Services

IBA International is a public relations company that provides organizations with a global delivery of services: including thought-leadership strategy, content creation and placement, and iBAengage which specializes in the delivery of social media campaigns and lead cultivation through influencer engagement programs.


Content Creation

Press-company relationships are changing. Editorial staff are getting smaller - less journalists mean less potential for physical face-time. The relationship has become content-driven, and a company is only as good as its content in the eyes of deadline-conscious journalists.

IBA runs an editorial office to mirror a newsroom environment, staffed by a team of journalistically trained writers. Our editorial team can craft content on demand, be that press releases, bylined thought-leadership articles, interview responses, positioning papers, blogs, LinkedIn posts and much more. We write once, deliver many times. Our copy is always on-message.


Public Relations Ecosystem

Journalists live and die by their contacts, and write about who they've covered before. In order to unlock the third party endorsement of coverage in industry leading publications, organizations need to establish a consistent pattern of communication with key journalists.

Our campaigns deliver regular communication whether by content, interview, event, creating a pattern of activities that signal leadership, all within a comprehensive public relations ecosystem. Rooted in a unique matrix methodology, our public relations campaigns build a corporate narrative through a carefully chosen mix of content deliverables to establish your sales messaging in tier one media.


International Pitch&Place

Historically, moving into a new market or geography and establishing your position as a field leader takes time and is often delivered by a string of different regional agencies - each wanting to be paid, and usually diluting your control over key business messages.

Our International Pitch&Place service is designed to quickly establish your organization's press presence and thought-leadership as you expand into any new vertical market or geography. The service adapts existing marketing material to new geographies to keep costs down and messaging consistent as well as providing new content - quickly generating traction with target press.


iBAengage - Social Media Sales Support

Social media is a powerful tool for delivering company messages directly to prospects and potential customers, cultivating leads while amplifying thought-leadership. Many companies have a social media presence, but aren't backing this up with a defined strategy.

Our engagement team manage social campaigns as iBAengage. A social media strategy is designed to display industry thought-leadership and engage with prospects at every stage of the B2B buying cycle.


Influencer Engagement Programs

Because of the length and high-value of the B2B buying process, prospects have usually consulted the opinion of industry influencers before even contacting an organization's sales team. An 'influencer influx' has evolved alongside social media, as well as via more traditional channels such as opinion leading journalists, high-level more academic journals and the speaker platform circuit.

The iBAengage team works with organizations to establish and target key market influencers, taking them from new engagements to company evangelists.


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