A successful PR campaign is built through weaving a pattern of communication. Bundling all your client’s news into one juicy package is only going to get you one piece of coverage no matter how juicy it is… unless you’re Apple which is still the field leader in viral PR. Consistently releasing information building on the last news you announced allows your company name to be seen more frequently – and the more the name is seen, the more likely people are to remember it.

This exactly how IBA client campaigns always run, and November has been no different.

1. Patterned: Complementing news with thought-leadership

With our enterprise communications client we have been backing up a new hybrid-cloud product initiative with thought leadership articles around the topic. Hybrid cloud is a hot topic in the IT market right now, and we’ve already seen coverage roll in from The UK, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Poland and the DACH region. The pattern of communication continued with focused updates and engagement on social media making sure to reach a wide market.

2. Proactive: Laying the foundations with social engagement
Talking of social media, the platform can also begin the conversation with new media outlets. Our payments processing client has been putting in place a new vertical market strategy for 2017, including the dental sector. To lay the foundations for future pitching IBA has already been reaching out and engaging with potential dental publications on social media. We tracked what’s getting attention and what isn’t – allowing us to tailor how we contact each journalist and pitch a dental-focused thought-leadership piece to great interest.

3. Persuasive: Pleased to meet you
A client event is the perfect time to gain some ‘face-time’ and build relationships with key journalists, either cementing existing ties or beginning new ones. After our Aerospace & Defence client’s important launch event in Bangkok, we continued to reach out to the attending Asia-Pacific journalists, building on the strategic news announcements we’ve been pushing to the region this year. Coverage from the event has been seen from all corners of the globe, from South Korea all the way to the US, which will keep our clients name at the top of the list for any future opportunities.

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