The IBA #PRFood4Thought hashtag has just over a month under its belt which means it’s time for our first monthly roundup! These roundups will allow us to take a deeper dive into the months posts without the restriction of Twitter’s 280 characters!

1. Think carefully about who you are positioning and the audience they are speaking to

Who better than a subject matter expert to author an article. Here at IBA we work to establish who is the best person in a company to discuss a certain subject and then work with them to craft targeted content. Make sure you select your spokesperson for the right market, geography and audience you’re targeting. The readership of a C-level business publication aren’t going to listen to Kenny the regional marketing manager discussing IoT and AI, they want Joe Bloggs CIO and head of the company’s R&D efforts.

2. PR can directly impact the ROI you see from your content marketing efforts

Organic search, content marketing and emailing produce the highest ROI for marketers. PR has a role to play in the first two – getting coverage in publications provides third-party endorsement which is a great promotional tool for when a prospect is searching for your company on the web. The content you create has a direct impact on what your positioning is to the press, so the two go hand-in-hand.

3. Drive more out of your e-newsletters by sharing PR content

B2B marketers use an average of 13 marketing tactics. As you can see from our second and third Tweets – email marketing in a vital business to business marketing resource. You can get more mileage out of the content your PR effort is producing by sharing with internal and external stakeholders – thought leadership, strategy white papers, media coverage and new marketing assets are all fair game!

4. Don’t let too many channels dilute your messaging on social media

Managing 6 social platforms well takes considerable time and effort. IBA focuses on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – We’ve recently set up an Instagram account repurposing content to reach a new audience. Remember quality over quantity, having an abundance of accounts that that aren’t managed consistently and fed with appropriate content won’t reflect well on your business. Of course the accounts best suited for you depend on your business and who you are trying to target – a B2C start up targeting millennials will have a very different strategy to a global B2B business selling to other B2Bs.

#PRFood4Thought is a great hashtag to follow if you’re interested in PR, social media or general PR facts and statistics. As a relatively new addition to our social media campaign we would love your feedback! Comment down below or tweet us @IBAPR with what you’d like to see.

Check back next soon for the next monthly roundup!

Amanda Rowland is PR Executive at IBA International.

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