Whether lockdown has felt like a few weeks or a lifetime, the good news is that we seem to be coming into the exit phase – and it’s time to start capitalizing on opportunities and making up for those lost during the virus. Here at IBA we’ve helped our clients maximize the potential of their media activities, using consistent pitching to squeeze all the value we could get from their marketing initiatives. Let’s see how we’ve been getting on.

Kicking things off with a new client

Firstly, we have a new client to add to our roster. The company’s contact center solution unlocks new facilities for online conferencing and home working. It is a company that certainly has found itself in the right place at the right time and we will be working across the U.S. and Europe for them. We kick off with a series of thought leadership articles and press releases and are really looking forward to getting the international campaign ramped up and running in true IBA fashion!

Get as much media mileage out of virtual events…

Our global insurance technology client took the lockdown by the horns and went virtual with their annual partner and user conference. From sign-ups to press releases and social media amplification we made sure this event got as much traction as possible – and it paid off. They had excellent attendance, great coverage from leading insurance publications – and now our post-event pitching is attracting further interest from journalists for feature write-ups. No stone gets unturned here, so we’ll also be using the content from event sessions to form the basis of future thought leadership articles and blog campaigns. Our client will be reaping the rewards of the event for months to come!

…and webinars!

Webinars also provided valuable traction during lockdown and our A&D enterprise software client who capitalized on valuable insights gained from a recent webinar. Our client used the webinar, attended by a roll-call of key decision makers in the industry, to gain valuable insights from attendees through a live Q&A session on how enterprise software has helped, or hindered, organizations’ flexibility during the coronavirus pandemic. The results made for interesting reading – and a press release was the perfect way to share this. The media alert has been used by some key industry publications and has formed the basis for a feature in a top-tier defence publication.

Consistent pitching and placing has maximized the potential of opportunities for our clients this month – it’s created great momentum for upcoming campaigns and provided the perfect platform to build on as lockdowns continue to ease globally.

Eleanor Rhodes is a PR Account Executive at IBA International.

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