Following on from our last round-up of IBA contributions to influential PR & marketing media outlets, the team have continued to share industry thought leadership with B2B marketers.

As we rounded off a busy Q3 – which saw businesses pick-up operations and adjust to the oft-used ‘new normal’ – IBA continued its commitment to knowledge sharing by addressing three key B2B marketing topics through bylined thought leadership contributions.

Avoid letting flashy data obscure real B2B sales leads: U.S. and UK coverage – PR News, Customer Think

IBA has always been able to stand by its PR results, but as PR increasingly moves into the digital sphere, C-level execs are putting their marketing department’s metrics under the microscope. The fallout has been a temptation to look at high quantity UVPM figures when targeting content at particular media outlets – with B2B marketing departments setting their sights on valuable backlinks from authoritative domains.

However, adopting an approach which targets quantity before quality can actually be more damaging when it comes to generating genuine leads from PR placements. This topic struck a chord with the editorial team of PR News, who invited IBA to contribute an article on letting buying personas guide PR strategy, not simply attractive figures.

Getting back to business: How B2B organizations can achieve global PR success on a reduced budget in a post-COVID world: Three U.S./UK placements – Marketing Gazette, B2B & Customer Think

The business impact of the global pandemic undoubtedly had a ripple effect on B2B marketing plans, and as the world tentatively emerged from full lockdown it followed that B2B organizations would be assessing their marketing plans for late 2020 and early 2021. This timely article was well-received by top B2B marketing publications in both the UK and U.S. – and for good reason.

Changes in current marketing circumstances are here to stay, but large budgets are a thing of the past. We set out a clear strategy for B2B marketers to maximize their geographic and industry exposure in the post-COVID world, without the need to pay hugely inflated agency fees.

How B2B SMEs can maximize marketing spend post-Brexit Start-ups Magazine, Marketing Gazette

While dealing with COVID-19, B2B organizations are also having to keep an eye on the future with uncertainty surrounding the UK finishing its Brexit transition period in December 2020. This will bring economic, consumer and business impacts with already strict budgets having to be balanced against new marketing opportunities – both for UK organizations doing business outside the EU and non-EU organizations selling into the UK.

With the spotlight particularly on UK SMEs, IBA shared a best practice guide on how to seize new marketing opportunities outside the EU – with a key focus on how to grow market share in new geographies. We look at how international marketing campaigns can be controlled from a single hub and delivered into any geography, without incurring message dilution or heavy PR admin fees.

For more on the topic of international marketing in the age of Covid-19 and Brexit, keep an eye out for our primary research paper on B2B marketing priorities – coming out in the next few weeks!

Jamie Kightley is Head of Client Services at IBA International.

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