The May weather may have been hit and miss (certainly in the UK!), but this has not dampened team spirit or the start of Q2 here at IBA International ­ – positivity, productivity and a whole lot of press activity have given the team a boost through the questionable weather.

My first month here at IBA has seen me write exclusives, multiple blogs, pitch work and learn the art of writing in 280 characters or less – @iBAengage if you’re interested! So, here’s a round-up of Q2 and (more importantly) my first month here at IBA.

Let the writing, begin!

A week consisting of six briefings with subject matter experts, led the IBA team to execute a time-specific project for our enterprise systems integrator client. This intense short-term project saw the team drafting six articles touching on subjects such as: cloud, end of life software, security and more. To say there was a buzz in the office would be an understatement.

Seal the deal – come rain or shine

For our enterprise technology client, we executed a high-profile press release highlighting its support of the new U.S. Navy maintenance program – a landmark deal. The press release has landed in over 15 publications in the aerospace and defense sector with more in progress to be finalized. A big achievement for all parties involved.

Similar, yet different

Our InsurTech client are finding news ways to keep tradition alive. During the month of June, their yearly series of industry-specific discussions, presentations and keynote addresses will be delivered virtually – who said Covid ruins everything?! The virtual event centers on the future of insurance technology and other important subjects. So where do we come in, I hear you ask – through the power of social media. Some 90% of the event advertisement has been driven through social media to boost online registration and engagement. Watch this space post-event as we repurpose key sessions into follow-on content.

The power of the pod

The position of podcasts has taken center stage on most popular music streaming sites and our global digital service provider is one of them. Their podcast on Apple Music features specialist teams across industries including manufacturing, food, retail and rental sectors, discussing the latest trends in each industry. The team are in the midst of writing supporting articles and blogs alongside this exciting new venture.

Rolling our way into summer!

The momentum of the first quarter has certainly extended throughout Q2 with some landmark deals, new projects and event ramp-up. So, with the Q2 ball rolling and my experience also gaining momentum, we look to the month of June where hopefully the weather will match the success in the office.

Lois Unsworth is Graduate PR Intern at IBA International.

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