Throwback Friday: Content-led or contact-led PR? Why content rules in B2B media relationships

Remember that old PR mantra “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” said rather cockily by PR execs to describe their ‘special’ relationship with journalist? At IBA we have always known this is not the case.

September: Success, sustainability and supply-chain shortages keeping us on our PR toes!

Whether you’ve been rejoicing at the kids going back to school, or looking forward to early autumnal evenings, there’s been no shortage of exciting projects here at the IBA office.

COVID-19: How mainstream media weaponized bad news – and is history repeating itself?

It’s that time of the week again! Last year we looked at how national newspapers were reporting on the pandemic, with lockdown hindsight and panic-induced articles around supermarket shortages. Ring a bell?

The clock is TikTok-ing down for B2B marketing

With TikTok videos being short, sharp and structured, it’s hard to stop the endless scrolling we catch ourselves doing. This has inevitably meant B2C influencing has already found its way on to the app – but does TikTok have any…

Industry spotlight: Estate agents and buyers climb the digital property ladder with new PropTech innovations

From virtual interactive tours and eSignatures to Smart Homes, drones and hyper-localized advertising, our latest industry spotlight explores the top five PropTech innovations disrupting the traditional real estate and property management ecosystems...

Building momentum in the not so silly season

As the old tale goes, when August hits the work slows down due to holiday disruption, but not here at IBA. This month has been another success, keeping us busy through the “silly season”. So, let’s get straight to it!

Thinking of getting on the sustainably manufactured green bandwagon?

While they may not yet feel the effect, sustainability pressures for B2B organizations are just around the corner, and here at IBA we’ve been actively positioning our clients as sustainable, brand leaders in their relevant markets...

Throwback Friday: Why verticalization offers the perfect post-COVID tonic

Take a detailed walk through the benefits of pursuing verticalized content in this week’s Throwback Friday – and if you’re still hungry for more insights, download our free B2B marketing research report.

Getting the ball rolling – how do I know if my PR campaign is gaining momentum?

Signal theory and correct patterns of PR activity are never more crucial than during a campaign targeting new geographies or industries. Beware, even organizations that may have a big reputation in one industry will not necessarily become instant big news…

Throwback Friday: How #PoolGate left the Rio Olympics press office green

Enjoy our Olympic blast from the past in this week’s throwback Friday blog, looking at 'PoolGate' from Rio 2016...