The Chinese zodiac for the Year of the Tiger is associated with bravery, competitiveness and confidence. As I write this blog the Chinese New Year has not yet begun, but IBA and its growing roster of international tech clients are showing all the characteristics of the tiger as the Roman New Year is in full swing.

Walking the walk in the medical devices sector

Another Year of the Tiger trait is people who “walk and talk assertively and inspire respect”. That’s exactly what our medical labelling and artwork client has been doing – looking at how technology will be key as the world becomes more regulated. The team had a number of placements for the piece, and one of our top media targets came back to offer our client a speaker slot at a prestigious medical devices industry event later this year.

That’s how good PR works – thought leadership does indeed “inspire respect”, in this case from a top editor!

Starting the year on a strong footing in financial services

And our new financial service client is not standing still as it moves to the end of its first three months of PR campaign momentum. It’s had thought leadership placements from multiple company spokespeople hitting in horizontal IT, InsurTech, and marketing/CX magazines. The message pull-through in these publications spans its two core focus areas – technology advancement and delivering diversity and better workplace culture.

And would you believe it. The editor of a top target CX publication has invited one of the client’s customer experts to join its advisory board – thought leadership can be seen again to “inspire respect”!

Press traction on multiple fronts

Our insurance and data analytics client has already had a busy start to the year as IBA has been helping it expand into central Europe with a new partnership announcement and a first thought leadership article underway to address its value proposition to the new region.

And we’ve been busy helping one of its other business units, this time focusing on (re)insurance solutions by selecting some existing assets to reshape into media-friendly articles. The IBA Pitch&Place team has already secured significant insurance press traction for its first piece.

Fortune favors the brave

IBA and its client portfolio across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific have all ticked off the first month with many successes. Also, after two months of an office rota for hybrid working, we’re back in the office – joining forces once again. The smell of coffee, the office banter, and the rush to meet our deadlines will once again be shared together – as will the ever-present hand sanitisers! Can’t wait for what the next few months will bring us as our clients ramp-up momentum for the rest of 2022…watch this space!

Angelika Winiarz is PR Executive at IBA International.

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