How our B2B clients are feeling the love

February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, topped off, of course, by Valentine’s Day. With strong media coverage and placement opportunities leading the way, love is certainly in the air!

Crisis management – A B2B PR guide to help a company through a brewing crisis

In today’s immediate digital communications environment, companies have very little time to react to a sudden PR crisis before public opinion steps in. So, what can be done to protect against the power of the internet, and what can be…

Industry spotlight: Digital transformation up ahead – Automotive industry arrives at its digital destination with AutoTech at the wheel

Here’s our breakdown of the top AutoTech innovations that will get the automotive industry back on the road to recovery – it’s not just about driverless EVs!

News is only news when it appears in (digital) print

We’ve all been there as good B2B PR pros and marketing managers – you’ve been working with a customer with global appeal. You’ve drafted a press release that’s been through approval from your own account managers, subject matter experts, corporate…