Although I’ve been at IBA for a modest three months and no stranger to writing the odd blog or two, this is my first round-up blog for IBA and I am more than ready to get stuck in!

February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, topped off, of course, by Valentine’s Day. This theme permeates through our latest monthly round-up where, following on from last month’s momentum, there has been something of a love fest between our clients and key industry journalists. With strong media coverage and placement opportunities leading the way, love is certainly in the air!

Capturing the hearts and minds of top-level journalists with cutting-edge IT solutions

Our leading enterprise technology client has certainly been feeling the love this February, attaining excellent coverage for a campaign that is still in its infancy, but growing in traction. Its messaging is right on point for the business issues of the moment. As the world continues to be in flux and supply chain and geopolitics take a front role, it is helping industry leaders ensure they have a single source of real-time data on which to base decisions. Not only has this client been featured in top-level technology publications, including ZDNet in the US, but has also captured the hearts of global audiences, most notably with top German IT publication, IT-Zoom. And that’s not all, there’s still more to come in prominent French tech publications too! Oo la la!

Sharing the love with industry insight and trends

As we kickstart the year, do you know what high-profile tech and business journalists are infatuated with right now? No surprise here that it’s industry trends! They want to know just what is going to happen. Our clients are well positioned as leaders of their respective fields to have foresight on market direction – and are more than happy to share the love with these important insights. From new regulation and market initiatives in the medical device industry to servitization in manufacturing and even the metaverse, our clients are leading the conversation in their industries – demonstrating that yes, sharing is caring!

A match made in heaven! Opening up new InsurTech markets

If that’s not enough about feeling the love, one of our clients has announced a new partnership, with strategic investment in a leading European technology provider to open up new markets in the region. It’s a match made in heaven! Their business goals and processes are perfectly aligned for collaboration on technology innovations in the insurance sector, so watch this space.

It’s a return to the office and to the colleagues we love so much

Our leading digital insurance solution client revealed how positive workplace cultures can be cultivated, especially as the return to office-based work in the UK gets underway. Hybrid working is set to be the new standard for businesses and our client sheds light on how corporations can motivate their teams through this new work style while also maintaining a supportive workplace culture.

Here at IBA we’re back in the office but we now have Happy Friday – WFH Day! A new addition to our work culture and the lovechild of our lockdown past.

New beginnings are ready to bloom

So three months in, and I’m already looking forward to a busy March. I sense Spring is in the air – in the northern hemisphere at least ­– and I’ve completed my first IBA round-up blog for the team.

Elizabeth Quinlan is PR Executive at IBA International.

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