As we pass the midway point in Q3, the weather may have cooled down – but things are still heating up here in the IBA office as the event circuit gets back into full swing, and organizations look to re-focus and ramp-up activity in the remaining months of 2022!

My second month at IBA International has continued to be a great learning process – I’ve taken my first deep dive into the art of interviews and had a behind-the-scenes look into how the team coordinates the first in-person event for one of our biggest software clients since the start of the pandemic.

And who says the whole of Europe is OOO during August? An editor at one of the top French aerospace publications wins the prize for responding to our pitch, publishing the article and putting icing on the cake by researching our client and finding out that their credentials include the FAA (something we are not allowed to promote) and sourcing a fabulous picture – all within 24 hours! The team here at IBA explained that this is real journalism at its best. Vive la France, I say!

So, with plenty of activity under my belt this August, let’s take a dive into what the wider IBA team has been up to!

The interview trifecta that refocuses energy sustainability

The IBA team is no stranger to the topic of sustainability, particularly across the Energy Utilities & Resources sectors – and this month has been no different! Thanks to our pitch and place efforts, the team secured three key interviews in leading North American industry publications for our software enterprise client.

The nice thing about working for a marketing comms company that has so many clients providing leading edge tech for major companies serving essential global infrastructure markets, is that I find out about the key developments and the movers and shakers.  

We kickstarted the month with an interview about using 100% sustainable green hydrogen. Then keeping with the theme of sustainability, we moved on to the mining industry and  how companies can reduce waste by reusing and repurposing equipment instead of buying outright.

To finish off the interview trifecta, the team secured a briefing with a leading publication in the energy industry about how what organizations can do to safely fix, re-use and recycle critical energy infrastructure assets in place of buying new ones.

The convention countdown is on!

The countdown is on as the event season kicks into overdrive in the final few months of the year. So, it wasn’t surprising to see the media interest rising for one of our client’s flagship customer, partner and media events. The outreach team has successfully secured strong international media attention for our client and the team are now into the event nitty-gritty to organize travel and logistics for our contribution of media attendees – now into double figures, and coming from all over the world.

With only 35% of events in 2022 being held in person following the pandemic, this event has been highly anticipated by both customers and the media – and we can’t wait to see it unfold. Other clients across the IBA technology portfolio are also flagging key events through the rest of the year, so it certainly seems like the event season is in full swing and the countdown is on!

Our sponsorship of Rutland equestrian team goes into top gear

Events of a different order are taking our attention too. IBA sponsors Rutland Eventing and Dressage Team Jones and as the top international and world class Burghley Horse Trials in September is quickly approaching, we’ve been ramping up our social media and mastering the ever-changing Instagram and TikTok algorithms to increase engagement and brand exposure ahead of the competition. Richard Jones and his top ride Alfies Clover are hunting a top three place and we’re hoping our media drive will drum up plenty of national and local support.

Good luck to Team Jones, the team here at IBA will all be cheering you on!

Keeping the momentum going from every corner of the globe

It’s been a month of excellent momentum across the IBA client base from local riders in Rutland to major infrastructure providers across the pond in North America, across the UK and Europe, and Asia-Pacific!

As my second month comes to an end, I am reflecting on all that I have learnt so far and what is yet to come in a busy September – so watch this space for more updates from me as I continue my PR and Marketing journey at IBA!

Caitlin Goldsmith is PR Executive at IBA International.

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