May-be this is our best month yet? A round-up of hot topics, hard-hitting events, and horses

As we pass the midway point in Q2 and with summer fast approaching – for those in the Northern Hemisphere of course – the month of May has been nothing short of exciting.

Content localization must be more than just paying lip-service – it can make or break the B2B PR (and sales) process!

Marketing and PR undoubtedly has a leading role to play in successful international expansion and enabling the brand stretch required. It means securing that all-important brand visibility and awareness at the earliest possible stage.

Thinking of jumping on the Twitter bandwagon Mr Musk? Here’s a breakdown of three #trends we’re all tweeting about

In the B2B world, the power of social media can sometimes be underestimated or even deemed “too B2C” – but it would be a mistake to ignore the benefits social media marketing can bring to PR and marketing strategies.

IBA In The News: Our views on PR strategy are in demand

It’s been a few months since our last round-up of IBA contributions to influential PR and marketing media outlets, so we thought it a good time to bring you all up to speed...

Beginning of a new quarter, end of financial year, and media momentum from the IBA hub

The beginning of 2022 has passed by in a flash. And here we are, with a blink of an eye landing at the end of April ending a financial year and starting the second quarter of 2022. In fact, as…

Brand building or prospect hunting? ‘Vanity PR’ coverage vs pipeline growth

There has often been conflict when it comes to B2B PR campaign focus and planning. C-level executives are looking at big picture features in national and international titles for brand building, while sales and marketing departments, want to get content…

B2B marketing is essential to take the customer through the digital sales funnel

The pandemic and resulting digital shift has had a profound impact not just on the way we go about our working day in business, but on our purchasing habits – and that’s as true for B2B buyers as it is…

Throwback Friday: Farewell to the European Super League (we hardly knew ye) and Hello to the World Cup… PR lessons still to be learned?

Throwback Friday: It takes a pretty large story to break through a news cycle dominated by Covid fog and the aftermath of a royal funeral, but well into the watershed hours Sunday night marked the start of a media whirlwind...

Attraction marketing and customer loyalty: A match made in B2B heaven?

The types of strategy available to marketers in recent years has become endless. Let’s take a look at a marketing method that has not been as intensively explored as some of the more popular alternatives, and how it can be…

There’s no such thing as luck o’ the Irish when it comes to PR and marketing – just IBA’s tried and tested Pitch&Place strategies!

While St. Patrick’s Day may have passed us by with a vast display of parades across the globe, here at IBA we have plenty of international activity of our own to celebrate