Power to the Press Release! A closer look at the State of the Press Release in 2021 – how to exploit the opportunities that it creates

Many might think it would be easier to just write off the press release at this stage, but it would be a mistake - it’s a crucial tool in any organization’s PR toolbox.

Throwback Friday: New Research Shows Dissatisfaction With PR And Marketing Agency Performance As B2B Organizations Plan Their Recovery

In Q4 last year, IBA felt it timely to conduct a global survey into PR & Marketing agency support. We found out that only 11% of marketers are happy with their overall effectiveness of PR agencies activities.

Industry Spotlight: Energy & Utilities say goodbye to king Coal and ushers in a green revolution at COP26

Our industry spotlight this week comes with a timely twist, linking to some of the hot button energy, utilities and resources issues on the agenda at COP26 right now...

IBA ends October on a high – no scary ghouls here!

I’m Joshua, the latest recruit to IBA’s team, excited and eager to learn the ins and outs of international PR and marketing. Here’s my take on the opening month to IBA’s Q4 2021.

Throwback Friday: IBA In The News: IBA makes the headlines with some key B2B marketing issues

Following on from our last round-up of highlight IBA contributions to influential PR & marketing media outlets, the IBA team have continued to share industry thought leadership with B2B marketers.

Backlinks: To pay or not to pay?

That is the question…and digitally focused PR is the answer One of our most well-read recent strategy blogs was a piece we wrote on the link between PR and SEO – a relationship not all marketers are aware of. In…

Throwback Friday: Content-led or contact-led PR? Why content rules in B2B media relationships

Remember that old PR mantra “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” said rather cockily by PR execs to describe their ‘special’ relationship with journalist? At IBA we have always known this is not the case.

September: Success, sustainability and supply-chain shortages keeping us on our PR toes!

Whether you’ve been rejoicing at the kids going back to school, or looking forward to early autumnal evenings, there’s been no shortage of exciting projects here at the IBA office.

COVID-19: How mainstream media weaponized bad news – and is history repeating itself?

It’s that time of the week again! Last year we looked at how national newspapers were reporting on the pandemic, with lockdown hindsight and panic-induced articles around supermarket shortages. Ring a bell?

The clock is TikTok-ing down for B2B marketing

With TikTok videos being short, sharp and structured, it’s hard to stop the endless scrolling we catch ourselves doing. This has inevitably meant B2C influencing has already found its way on to the app – but does TikTok have any…