Jumping for joy in August: Interviews, in-person and horse events, and a prize for the French to kickstart the event circuit countdown

As we pass the midway point in Q3, the weather may have cooled down – but things are still heating up here in the IBA office!

It’s been a jam-packed June – full of in-person events, award entries and interviews galore!

June seems to have kicked-off the business “silly season” earlier than ever before. But for the team at IBA this doesn’t mean we slow down – there’s the small matter of closing out Q2 and ending the first half of…

September: Success, sustainability and supply-chain shortages keeping us on our PR toes!

Whether you’ve been rejoicing at the kids going back to school, or looking forward to early autumnal evenings, there’s been no shortage of exciting projects here at the IBA office.

Landmark deals, podcasts and tight deadlines – all in a month’s work

The May weather may have been hit and miss (certainly in the UK!), but this has not dampened team spirit or the start of Q2 here at IBA International ­ – positivity, productivity and a whole lot of press activity…

IBA helps the B2B sector put its best foot forward – Q4 emphasis on coverage with an eye on the future

Despite the world around us slowing down to mitigate a second wave of Covid-19, the IBA team is busier than ever as we help steer our clients into that important fourth quarter of 2020...