January gives clues to the B2B Marketing “Ins” and “Outs” for 2024!

Here’s our take on What’s In and What’s Out for PR Pros 2024.

The 12 Days of Christmas PR – A festive review from IBA

December in review: With our sleigh stacked with client coverage, a reminder that a release is not just for Christmas, and our clients on top of the tree of course!

The power of thinking outside the PR Box

This month has been all about the sort of creative thinking that is beyond ChatGPT et al – finding new hooks, trailblazing new industry ideas, getting on top of SEO

Fall’ing into success this September

PR and Marketing activity is quickly ramping back up to a familiar pace as we close off Summer and prepare to enter the final quarter of the year. The ‘Summer Lull’ is firmly in the rear view mirror!

IBA flies out the stalls – we’re off and running into the second half of 2023

With triple-hit placements, continuing AI hype, and race winnings under our belts, let’s put an end to the silly season in journalism and PR! July is a well anticipated and talked about month in the IBA office, not because it’s…

Dancing round the Maypole

This month has been jam-packed at IBA – add to this back-to-back Bank Holidays, BBQ’s and a new king on the UK throne and there’s been no time to take a breather.

We’ve got a spring in our step as we leave April

It’s been a busy start to Q2 with social media support for event activity, briefing calls with subject matter experts for new content, and elevating the power of third-party research.

Marching out of Q1

The team has been working non-stop to put the finishing touches to Q1 activity and keep an eye on ramping up new campaigns for our clients.

Forward thinking, leveling up, and interviews galore

February has been jam-packed or lemon-packed full of events – depending on your taste!

IBA fast tracks its clients into 2023

The IBA team was all bright eyed and bushy tailed as we started the New Year after a well-deserved break over the festive period!