The intersection of B2B and B2C marketing

The latest on IBA taking a leaf out of the B2C book for its B2B-focused campaigns, and vice-versa!

May the PR force be with you!

Event season is in full swing with pre and post event follow-ups, another huge primary research project fuels the content pipeline, and a new social media universe is discovered in the Fediverse.

What on Earth have we been up to this April?

This month saw the return of Earth Day – an event dedicated to promoting a sustainable future for our planet, and a day that has not been lost on our clients, who have embraced the sustainability theme with open arms.

Shamrocking and rolling into the close of Q1

St Patrick’s Day may have been a couple of weeks ago and the Irish raiders may have won the day at the world-renowned Cheltenham jump racing Festival, but a little leprechaun must have sprinkled its magic on the IBA office…

Leap year gave us an extra day to pack out February

We’re back again with another jam-packed recap on this month’s activities, as it’s not just Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl that’s making headlines!

January gives clues to the B2B Marketing “Ins” and “Outs” for 2024!

Here’s our take on What’s In and What’s Out for PR Pros 2024.

The 12 Days of Christmas PR – A festive review from IBA

December in review: With our sleigh stacked with client coverage, a reminder that a release is not just for Christmas, and our clients on top of the tree of course!

A pulse check on what’s trending this November

This November as PR and marketing budgets are being finalized, planning for the year ahead is very much underway for our clients and the IBA team! It’s true the content lifecycle never truly stops, but what fuels this messaging engine?…

The power of thinking outside the PR Box

This month has been all about the sort of creative thinking that is beyond ChatGPT et al – finding new hooks, trailblazing new industry ideas, getting on top of SEO

Fall’ing into success this September

PR and Marketing activity is quickly ramping back up to a familiar pace as we close off Summer and prepare to enter the final quarter of the year. The ‘Summer Lull’ is firmly in the rear view mirror!