Google goes public with its AI roadmap – but what does that mean for Search?

A B2B marketing and PR review of the recent Bloomberg interview with Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

IBA Talking Propeller Heads: The open future of social media in the Fediverse

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What on Earth have we been up to this April?

This month saw the return of Earth Day – an event dedicated to promoting a sustainable future for our planet, and a day that has not been lost on our clients, who have embraced the sustainability theme with open arms.

You Heard It Here First! Gen-AI content will seriously impair your SEO

In the battle of good and bad SEO, marketers need to pick and side, and a hat!

Quantitative vs. Qualitative data in PR

Campaign measurement is all in the data, but it’s not just all data. A successful PR campaign is all about doing what is counted, and what counts.

You Heard It Here First: As The Disinformation Battle Rages On, PR Pros must stand up and be counted

It’s no April Fool’s joke, digital platforms spread conspiracy theories six times faster than accurate news. We may only be a quarter the way through the year but misinformation in the media landscape is still very much alive and well.…

Shamrocking and rolling into the close of Q1

St Patrick’s Day may have been a couple of weeks ago and the Irish raiders may have won the day at the world-renowned Cheltenham jump racing Festival, but a little leprechaun must have sprinkled its magic on the IBA office…

Top tips for top-tier media placements, without spending a penny

To unscramble some misunderstandings, we delve into Cision’s recent tip sheet for winning over journalists and securing that all important earned media coverage.

Throwback Friday: It’s the Oscars – and the winner is? Make sure it’s you!

As the proliferation of Awards grow, so the worth wanes – but the value for B2B companies is not the one you think

It’s official: Gen-AI content will seriously impair your SEO

Gen AI content and its usage and acceptability is moving on at pace, and battle lines are being drawn.