Power to the Press Release! A closer look at the State of the Press Release in 2021 – how to exploit the opportunities that it creates

Many might think it would be easier to just write off the press release at this stage, but it would be a mistake - it’s a crucial tool in any organization’s PR toolbox.

Throwback Friday: New Research Shows Dissatisfaction With PR And Marketing Agency Performance As B2B Organizations Plan Their Recovery

In Q4 last year, IBA felt it timely to conduct a global survey into PR & Marketing agency support. We found out that only 11% of marketers are happy with their overall effectiveness of PR agencies activities.

New research shows dissatisfaction with PR and marketing agency performance as B2B organizations plan their post-COVID and Brexit recovery

Primary research from IBA International finds only 11% of B2B organizations are satisfied with their existing PR and marketing communications agencies 40% of marketing managers admit they find it difficult to measure agency contribution to the overall business Key issues…

New research finds majority of B2B organizations plotting new ways forward after COVID-19 and Brexit negotiations

IBA International, a leading B2B marketing communications consultancy, today announced the findings of a primary research report on how B2B organizations are proactively adjusting to implement new ways to do business following the Covid-19 emergency and Brexit trading changes...