Three takeaways from the 2021 Global Comms report

The ability to constantly assess how to continue to convey the correct message to the correct audience is something every PR Professional needs to ponder. So hot off the press is IBA on some of the Global Comms Report’s key…

Power to the Press Release! A closer look at the State of the Press Release in 2021 – how to exploit the opportunities that it creates

Many might think it would be easier to just write off the press release at this stage, but it would be a mistake - it’s a crucial tool in any organization’s PR toolbox.

Throwback Friday: IBA In The News: IBA makes the headlines with some key B2B marketing issues

Following on from our last round-up of highlight IBA contributions to influential PR & marketing media outlets, the IBA team have continued to share industry thought leadership with B2B marketers.

Backlinks: To pay or not to pay?

That is the question…and digitally focused PR is the answer One of our most well-read recent strategy blogs was a piece we wrote on the link between PR and SEO – a relationship not all marketers are aware of. In…

COVID-19: How mainstream media weaponized bad news – and is history repeating itself?

It’s that time of the week again! Last year we looked at how national newspapers were reporting on the pandemic, with lockdown hindsight and panic-induced articles around supermarket shortages. Ring a bell?

The clock is TikTok-ing down for B2B marketing

With TikTok videos being short, sharp and structured, it’s hard to stop the endless scrolling we catch ourselves doing. This has inevitably meant B2C influencing has already found its way on to the app – but does TikTok have any…

Throwback Friday: How #PoolGate left the Rio Olympics press office green

Enjoy our Olympic blast from the past in this week’s throwback Friday blog, looking at 'PoolGate' from Rio 2016...

Are there lessons to be learned from Love Islanders? Brand influencing confirms its worth in the B2B space

It’s back! Love Island has returned to our screens for another summer – and it’s brimming with hopeful singles looking for love - and a soon-to-be career of social media influencing, and brand deals.

The power of words – without knowing it, you just told the media a lot about you

From columnists and editors to special correspondents and hacks, all of us often go by the simple moniker ‘wordsmiths’. Words do more than provide scrabble fodder. They shape our perceptions – about life, about governments, about business.

No more Covid stories, please: A deep-dive into the state of the global media 2021

The latest annual instalment of the ‘Global State of the Media Report’, published by PR and Marketing intelligence company Cision, provides us with an extensive update on what makes journalists tick in 2021, from story types and media challenges through…