Goodbye June, hello Summer!

It’s the end of June, so that can only mean one thing – a monthly IBA roundup! We’ve been Busy IBA Bees since our May review, despite now entering the much hyped “summer lull” – an event experienced mostly in…

Throwback Friday: Is it time to call the big name PR agencies bluff?

With budgets under scrutiny, you don’t need advertising budget to get results, let earned media do the signalling.

Event organizers are ditching vanity metrics

The pandemic downtime has allowed event organizers to rethink processes, planning techniques, and metrics – so where do things stand now? Gone are the days of prioritizing vanity metrics – which, put simply, means goals that look good on paper…

B2B brand messaging is becoming too vague for buyers

The Drum recently highlighted that 61% of B2B tech buyers believe corporate brand messaging is too vague to actively represent their brand and attract buyers.

Dancing round the Maypole

This month has been jam-packed at IBA – add to this back-to-back Bank Holidays, BBQ’s and a new king on the UK throne and there’s been no time to take a breather.