2024 – the year to match your digital presence to the B2B sales funnel

Understanding the B2B sales funnel is just the beginning of the journey. From there on, it’s about optimizing and facilitating the way prospects and leads interact with a B2B organization online during the buying journey – think content marketing, account-based…

The pressure is on PR and Comms teams to move the business needle as C-suite expectations keep rising

How will PR and Comms professionals step up to the plate from the Cision State of Global Comms Report?

Throwback Friday: Goodbye To The Days of Misguided “Spray and Pray” Campaigns!

How Account-Based Marketing is Giving Lead Gen Strategies a Makeover

Attention Marketing goes above and beyond viewability

Breaking through the noise and standing out from the competition – the power of Attention Marketing

B2B Brand Equity, the essential ingredient to win clients

Simple steps to build Brand Equity into your 2024 B2B Marketing campaign

What strategies can we take into the New Year and which ones are best left behind?

To kickstart 2024 we’ve taken a look at HubSpot’s recent Marketing, Sales, and CX Pulse Check report to see what PR and Marketing lessons from 2023 can be taken forward into the New Year

Throwback Friday: AI is thrust back into the ethical spotlight with new PRSA guidelines

As EU AI discussions stall and then start again almost as quickly as Sam Altman left and then rejoined Open AI, the PRSA in the U.S. is weighing in on how to keep the use of AI in Public Relations…

Throwback Friday: Taking the guesswork out of marketing with content intelligence

In the midst of regular algorithm updates, the SEO Color Wheel Theory has emerged to help navigate a coherent strategy.

Throwback Friday: AI is put under the stress test of the law

Ten months on since our first AI blog of the year and we have new legislation to abide by, courtesy of the EU Digital Services Act.

Time to focus on the ‘R’ in PR

The Cision reports are a key PR and Marketing bellwether for industry changes and at IBA we always like to do our research and see how our experiences compare. We can then see if we need to adapt our strategies…