May the PR force be with you!

Event season is in full swing with pre and post event follow-ups, another huge primary research project fuels the content pipeline, and a new social media universe is discovered in the Fediverse.

It’s turbulent times in the Social Media industry – so how should B2B marketers respond?

There has been digital shed loads of changes and developments in the social media industry since our piece at the beginning of the year. Today we take a deep-dive into the standout B2B social media updates you need to know!

Google goes public with its AI roadmap – but what does that mean for Search?

A B2B marketing and PR review of the recent Bloomberg interview with Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

IBA Talking Propeller Heads: The open future of social media in the Fediverse

Check out our IBA Talking Propeller Head webcast to learn the real story behind Meta’s seismic move to the Fediverse.