New client campaigns, unlocking the value of tailored content, and a masterclass in event management across the globe 

It’s the end of February and time for the hotly anticipated monthly IBA roundup of course!

We’re back again with another jam-packed recap on this month’s activities, as it’s not just Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl that’s making headlines! Our clients have been busy laying the groundwork for new product announcements, industry tradeshows are all over the place, and much more. Let’s get into what the IBA team has been up to this February to ensure our clients score their own touchdowns!

A new client puts media momentum to the test

We are proponents that every release has a hidden agenda – and what better way to show this in action than with our new connected workforce software provider. We don’t often start off campaigns for new clients with a momentous announcement – we like to build up media traction first, but this one was too good to pass – a new client and the very first industry application in the spatial computing space with those now infamous Apple Vision Pro goggles. So we made sure we built in ‘hidden agendas‘ to the announcement to demonstrate market traction and an expanding brand presence in North America.

We had excellent initial foothold success for a new company with no media footprint and then, hot on the announcement heels, came a thought leadership piece around the connected workforce, which we pitched to our target Manufacturing press. At time of writing we had 9 reviewers so watch this space!

Know your target media inside and out – a winning strategy to get them onside

There’s nothing more irritating than an irrelevant pitch and as we’ve covered before in a previous blog, it’s a top bugbear for B2B journalists. So where does this leave PR and Marketing pros? Research, research, and research! If you put the time into knowing your target media’s audience and their main pain points, you’ve found your ‘in’ on where your client’s thought leadership will resonate (no matter how niche the publication).

Take a recent case-in-point. Our editorial team were keen to exploit supply chain disruptions such as the Suez Canal and Red Sea crises for our clients so tailored content for the U.S. and European markets around their key business messages. The pitching team had already generated some excellent results across top-tier business and tech publications but never ones to sit on our laurels, we set about looking for new placement opportunities in a specific vertical manufacturing market – shipbuilding – relevant for one of our clients and we found our mark in a ship technology publication!

Rogue you may be thinking? Nonsense, it all comes down to the power of tailored content. This publication had recently covered the Red Sea crisis, including the same pain points as our client’s piece but with a different focus, and our team found their ‘in’. The payoff? A brand new targeted publication hit and a fruitful new journalist relationship!

Talking Heads make a resurface

Talking Heads where a client and a key customer discuss a business issue or a new tech development is always ‘manna from heaven’ for journalists. Our editorial team identified a one-off opportunity to create a bespoke co-authored piece between an SME at our aerospace and defense client and one of their leading customers for a top aviation publication in the U.S. The potential for meaningful AI advancements in aircraft readiness was the topic discussed and the two industry SMEs touched every AI touch-point – from fleet-wide digital twins, AI optimized maintenance planning & scheduling, to automated identification of failure, troubleshooting & repair, and supply chain pre-positioning.

The content is now gated behind this top publication’s paywall but we negotiated a good number of weeks to enable everyone to share, use across socials etc. to make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

Hut, hut, hike! It’s not just the Super Bowl that’s had an event touchdown!

It’s been a busy time of the year for our enterprise software client, who has been planning not one but three industry events (two of which fall on the same day but are a mere 4000 miles apart!) – a feat that would even give the Super Bowl organizers a run for their money!

First a leading T&D event in Orlando this month saw our editorial team organize a 5 minute video interview at the event booth with a discussion on how their tools are helping overcome challenges with aging assets, product lifecycles, and efficiency within the energy, utilities, and resources sector. Not bad going for 5 minutes in front of the camera eh!

But if that wasn’t enough to keep our team busy, we were tasked with securing top-tier industry journalist registrations for two events on the same day, one in London and the other for a big event in Dubai (no pressure right!) With only a few days to go, itineraries are being firmed up, interviews are being prepared, and travel and logistics are being arranged – all that remains is for the journalists to pack their bags!

We’ve seen before that the event shelf life doesn’t end on the day, so we look forward to seeing what follow-on thought leadership opportunities stems from these exciting events.

Thank goodness for that extra day in February to complete a busy media packed month!

Hannah Watson is PR Lead – Analytics at IBA International.

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