B2B Brand Equity, the essential ingredient to win clients

Simple steps to build Brand Equity into your 2024 B2B Marketing campaign

Did the Oscars pass you by this year?

As the proliferation of Awards grow, so the worth wanes – but the value for B2B companies is not the one you think

Do businesses have the right to review journalist copy?

You have the right to remain silent… said the journalist to the subject matter expert, marketing department and PR team.

What ChatGPT won’t and can’t do!

ChatGPT was a serious wake-up call f to stop writing in Marketing Speak and Buzz Words – because ChatGPT can do it better. Now here’s what ChatGPT can’t do.

News jacking, ambulance chasing or trendjacking? The real value for B2B businesses

There is real value for B2B companies in newsjacking, but it comes in a very different form from what most PR execs use as their role model of B2C newsjacking.

How B2B companies can own the News narrative

We’ve discussed News as Entertainment and News as a Narrative, all illustrated by the Main Stream Media and its obsession with readership and clickbait in the brave new world of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok – they keep on coming...

News is not what it used to be – It’s a narrative… but who owns it?

In the first part of this short trilogy on news, I argued that news is now part of the entertainment industry by bringing three witnesses to the stand. I now bring to the news stand that news is now a…

News is not what it used to be

I often say that there is so much news about now that there isn’t any. The vast number of media channels and their huge capacity has meant that news is just not what it used to be. In consumer-speak, it’s…

COVID-19 has put regional news under the spotlight – at a time when we need it most

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to pause and take stock of our lives over the past few months. Socializing with friends, visiting family members and jetting off on holiday are things we’ve all taken for granted at some…

Three cheers for the trade and tech media – they stand tall and proud against the rest during this pandemic

In the UK we clap the National Health Service employees every Thursday for their selfless work on the frontline to battle against the COVID-19 virus. Well, I’m all for clapping, raising a glass, calling three cheers, whatever to the trade…