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A little (Royal) bundle of PR joy

The SpinBin is a blog written by the IBA-International team members designed to provide our spin on events taking place across the globe.

Some B2B PR Agencies think December is a bit of a dead month but not here at IBA we find we get excellent coverage for our client with journalists busy filling their next year January and February issues - we can place comment pieces looking at trends in the coming year, and everyone is still at work for the first two weeks of December so we get high readership on websites.

Our Aerospace & Defence client recently brought to market a new asset management solution, and IBA ensured coverage in aviation publications ranging from Russia to the US. The campaign was supported by a two-part thought leadership series on the subject of Wearables and Context-Aware technology and of course, a strong social media campaign.

Meanwhile it was great to see traditional press releases doing well - press releases detailing a number of cutting-edge products ensured good coverage for our enterprise communications client supported by placements in numerous vertical market publications, addressing the impact of emerging technology trends.

It's always nice to catch the eye of journalists for reasons other than corporate success, and this month we've done exactly that. Our payments processing client made highly positive headlines in the US across December, courtesy of being named one of the best places to work and its sizeable charity donations - not just from the executive team, but from every employee. News of extensive philanthropic efforts in the region were also well received by the national payments press.

And a perfect end to 2015 for the IBA team - we are delighted to be starting off 2016 with a new North American client added to our roster of customers.

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