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The consumerization of B2B marketing

The Level Pitcher is a blog written by the IBA International team members where you can catch up with some of the latest world events - and how the PR behind them worked... or maybe didn't!

It seems a lot of PR companies spend their time filling out time sheets just to show how much effort they’ve put into making no progress for their clients. And funnily enough, it always seems to be the client’s fault as to why they haven’t got any coverage.

Not the case at IBA, and May was no exception. Our Pitch&Place team has been hard at work gaining traction in North America for our latest ERP client, and have been rewarded with placements of a single article in multiple key vertical publications.

We achieved yet another record month of worldwide coverage for our Aerospace & Defence client, with IBA engaging directly with publications stretching from the U.S. to China. And following constructive meetings with our clients earlier this month to discuss H2 PR strategies, we’re confident we can continue to ‘influence the influencers’.

In May we also passed the milestone of 400 top tier European clippings for our enterprise technology client in 2016. Over a hundred of these were bylined thought leadership and opinion pieces positioning our clients as subject matter experts. This month, a number of these were specifically written and placed to support a webinar in Poland. The success of this webinar has generated over fifty leads for our client, which shows the sales value of B2B press relations campaigns.

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