IBA is a PR, social media and content marketing agency serving B2B organizations

What is it about IBA?

One of the oldest B2B PR agencies, with one of the youngest and most dynamic teams – we work with some of the biggest companies in the most competitive markets.

Set up over 50 years ago, IBA remains fiercely independent. Our techniques, technology and skillsets may have changed, but our values haven’t – still focused on business results, still providing a service our clients rely on, still not afraid to upset the status quo.

Creative thinking backed by strategic planning to change perceptions

We put our B2B clients where the right people can find them. We give them a voice so people can hear them, orchestrate campaigns so prospects recognize them and build credibility so customers trust them.

We get under the skin and behind the buzz of the industries we serve and dig deep to find the real drivers in the market. Our hard-hitting content is designed to tackle business challenges and drive traction for clients in ways people don’t always expect.

Full-service PR and content marketing at a fraction of the traditional cost

IBA has successfully pioneered a matrix-based communication methodology to help clients cut through the industry noise at a fraction of the cost of traditional PR agencies.

Quality content is at the center of our integrated campaigns and brings together owned, earned and shared media that engages, communicates clearly and provides value to the audience.

We squeeze every last drop of value from our content, which means it goes further, costs less and finds those hard to reach prospects to nurture them down the sales funnel.

Success is tracked and measured against the bottom line

KPIs are a joy for us, metrics are not for vanity but for enlightenment, data is not scary – we measure our success against the success of your business.

Every campaign or project is unique and deserves its own definition of success. Whether that’s lead generation, click-through, vertical market impressions, audience reach expansion or geographic spread, we always agree ambitious targets aligned to your business goals.

But that’s enough about us, we’re far more interested in you. If you want to talk to our team use the form below to get in touch or give us a call on +44 1572 757932.

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