No tricks, only treats this month, as event support and trend jacking research highlight a sweet October

From placement levels scarier than the Halloween franchise, to hunting down journalists, and some frighteningly successful trends research – here’s the lowdown on everything IBA in the last month.

Throwback Friday: The clock is TikTok-ing down for B2B marketing

New research on video usage for social media marketing underlines the growing influence of TikTok in this Throwback post.

The ‘AI century’ is here, but how effective really is it in PR?

Evidence suggests almost every industry wants a slice of the AI-pie, and it seems the public relations sphere is not immune.

Throwback Friday: Playing the long game – How brands can come off better through tough times

As businesses look to manage costs during this disruptive period, marketing and PR budgets come under review. But as our own research during the pandemic found out, in the B2B world this is an opportunity to show your business value…