Marching out of Q1

The team has been working non-stop to put the finishing touches to Q1 activity and keep an eye on ramping up new campaigns for our clients.

Throwback Friday: Hold your horses! The legal lens is on ChatGPT and similar

Can you keep pace with the rise and rise of the ‘ChatGPTs’? Cloning, copyright and ethics hit the fan

Did the Oscars pass you by this year?

As the proliferation of Awards grow, so the worth wanes – but the value for B2B companies is not the one you think

The Wild West of media relations

There are more PR pros vying for journalist attention than ever before – now standing at 6.2 PR pros for every one journalist! It’s brutal out here!

Forward thinking, leveling up, and interviews galore

February has been jam-packed or lemon-packed full of events – depending on your taste!