Fall’ing into success this September

PR and Marketing activity is quickly ramping back up to a familiar pace as we close off Summer and prepare to enter the final quarter of the year. The ‘Summer Lull’ is firmly in the rear view mirror!

Time to focus on the ‘R’ in PR

The Cision reports are a key PR and Marketing bellwether for industry changes and at IBA we always like to do our research and see how our experiences compare. We can then see if we need to adapt our strategies…

Social media fans the flames of #FakeNews and #Cancel Culture

If it walks like duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is probably a fake duck! From the 1985 Life on the Moon to September 2023 outbreaks of Ebola in Nevada, the power of fake…

Throwback Friday: Words can inspire, words can destroy – choose yours carefully

From columnists and editors to special correspondents and hacks, all of us often go by the simple moniker ‘wordsmiths’. Words do more than provide scrabble fodder. They shape our perceptions – about life, about governments, about business.

Valuable lessons learned from leaning into the summer lull!

How the IBA team has leaned into the lull this August - much to our clients' success!