The power of thinking outside the PR Box

This month has been all about the sort of creative thinking that is beyond ChatGPT et al – finding new hooks, trailblazing new industry ideas, getting on top of SEO

Throwback Friday: AI is put under the stress test of the law

Ten months on since our first AI blog of the year and we have new legislation to abide by, courtesy of the EU Digital Services Act.

The dupe to dupe the dupers: the B2B takeaways from the Olaplex marketing campaign

What happens when you have a brand or content copycat? When another brand directly imitates your USP, or replicates your content? Well, if we follow in the steps of popular luxury hair care brand Olaplex, you use it to your…

From TayTay to Queen Bey – B2B lessons to be learned from two of pop’s biggest superstars

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have been in the news cycle recently, and, despite their huge B2C appeal, there are some key takeaways for B2B PR and marketing professionals, particularly when it comes to crisis management and how to take control…