Keeping the Ho-Ho-Ho in Holiday fraud!

A global snapshot into the fraudulent trends incriminating this holiday period – and 2024.

Who said Black Friday was reserved for B2C? It’s time for B2B brands to join in the action!

The gap between B2B and B2C buyer behaviors has become closer as new technologies increase expectations for information access, convenience, and service. Excellent CX is no longer solely in the domain of Amazon-type retail giants – B2B customers want it…

We look into ChatGPT’s crystal ball for 2024

The IBA team is putting generative AI to the test by asking it to predict the top B2B technology trends for 2024 onwards. We’re conducting a bit of an experiment to see how in the loop gen-AI really is on…

Throwback Friday: Taking the guesswork out of marketing with content intelligence

In the midst of regular algorithm updates, the SEO Color Wheel Theory has emerged to help navigate a coherent strategy.