You Heard It Here First! Gen-AI content will seriously impair your SEO

In the battle of good and bad SEO, marketers need to pick and side, and a hat!

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As the proliferation of Awards grow, so the worth wanes – but the value for B2B companies is not the one you think

It’s official: Gen-AI content will seriously impair your SEO

Gen AI content and its usage and acceptability is moving on at pace, and battle lines are being drawn.

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Look at Tiktok – did any of us really know what the platform was before the pandemic hit? It now adds eight users every second. Using the power of social media to converse with a business audience is now essential…

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How Account-Based Marketing is Giving Lead Gen Strategies a Makeover

Throwback Friday: AI is put under the stress test of the law

Ten months on since our first AI blog of the year and we have new legislation to abide by, courtesy of the EU Digital Services Act.

Throwback Friday: Words can inspire, words can destroy – choose yours carefully

From columnists and editors to special correspondents and hacks, all of us often go by the simple moniker ‘wordsmiths’. Words do more than provide scrabble fodder. They shape our perceptions – about life, about governments, about business.

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A couple years back, we explored how when done right, the great trifecta – PR, SEO, and thought leadership – can reap huge rewards for B2B organizations. In that particular blog, we honed in on the power of backlinks, and…

B2B brand messaging is becoming too vague for buyers

The Drum recently highlighted that 61% of B2B tech buyers believe corporate brand messaging is too vague to actively represent their brand and attract buyers.

Budget cuts, new media formats, and of course AI: What’s on the B2B marketing radar right now

The year’s halfway point is in sight and we’re keen to see what trends have come to fruition and what factors are still at play for PR and Marketing teams.