Throwback Friday: There’s more to sustainable marketing than ‘greenwashing’

A throwback to two years ago, where PR and marketing greenwashing was just coming under the spotlight.

IBA ends October on a high – no scary ghouls here!

I’m Joshua, the latest recruit to IBA’s team, excited and eager to learn the ins and outs of international PR and marketing. Here’s my take on the opening month to IBA’s Q4 2021.

September: Success, sustainability and supply-chain shortages keeping us on our PR toes!

Whether you’ve been rejoicing at the kids going back to school, or looking forward to early autumnal evenings, there’s been no shortage of exciting projects here at the IBA office.

Thinking of getting on the sustainably manufactured green bandwagon?

While they may not yet feel the effect, sustainability pressures for B2B organizations are just around the corner, and here at IBA we’ve been actively positioning our clients as sustainable, brand leaders in their relevant markets...

Q2 is underway, businesses are optimistic, the bars are open and holidays are on the horizon

Q2 at IBA marks the start of a new work experience intern. I am Lois, and have joined the team, eager to learn the diverse trade of B2B PR through IBA’s unique strategies. After reviewing the first quarter, I have…