As we begin to carve our pumpkins, buy candy for the local trick or treaters and brush off any scary cobwebs ready for a very exciting end to Q4, we’ve got plenty of treats and no tricks for you this month here at IBA. But first, let me introduce myself – I’m Joshua, the latest recruit to IBA’s team, excited and eager to learn the ins and outs of international PR and marketing. Here’s my take on the opening month to IBA’s Q4 2021.

Full speed ahead

Following our successful launch in Q3 of our automotive and retail services client, we completed the first thought leadership push, which we are excited to say is generating a huge amount of traction in Britain and in North America, and which has led to top-tier placements and good prospect enquiries for our client.

Hallo Deutschland

We also received excellent news from our insurance data analytics client. After years of being a market leader in the U.S. and beyond, our client has made a major move into the heart of continental Europe! IBA have been supporting our client’s transition with targeted content creation into the German market and are confident they will make great strides in this new geography.

IBA on the growth trail

During October, I was not the only new face to IBA – we found ourselves also welcoming not one, but three new clients to our ever-growing portfolio. What are the companies we hear you ask – well they include a leading UK insurance provider, a lead generation tech company and a message-orientated middleware firm – with some taking advantage of our global hub for international delivery. We are extremely excited to start the work and are chomping at the bit to produce some fabulous content for them over Q4 and beyond!

Going into Q4 we are aiming for even more

We have worked hard to make sure there are no tricks, only treats with excellent placements for our clients, breaking new boundaries with editorials about sustainability and COP26, and welcoming of three new clients. Plus, we are super excited to announce there’s a lot more to come with more new names being added to the expanding IBA team in the coming weeks and months! As we celebrate an excellent start to Q4, it’s worth keeping an eye out on what’s to follow.

Joshua Ashworth is PR Executive at IBA International.

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