September – the beginning of the season of mists and the month of back to business, back to school and most recently back of a queue for fuel at a gas station as the UK copes with driver shortages! Whether you’ve been rejoicing at the kids going back to school, or looking forward to early autumnal evenings – for those of you in the northern hemisphere that is – there’s been no shortage of exciting projects here at the IBA office. With all this said, let’s get into the success of September.

Sustainable success

Sustainability and ESG currently has the world talking, with extreme climate changes such as Atlantic Hurricanes, earthquakes in Greece and volcanic eruptions in Spain, communicating sustainable business practises is a key focus. FYI – don’t miss our recent blog on how to market ESG authentically in today’s “greenwashed” comms landscape.

This month has seen the team draft multiple sustainability articles and comments for one of our clients in the run-up to their big play at the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in November!

Our strategic content pitching has already generated multiple placements and just landed the client an interview in North American technology publication. Great traction ahead the event.

A supply chain drain – but not for our clients

Not only has there been supply chain issues for the global automotive sector, British fuel industry and many more – there’s also been some supply chain disruption within the insurance sector. Our insurance tech and analytics client is using its vast repository of data on pricing in the construction and building industry to help clients mitigate escalating costs – and we’ve been getting the message out, writing articles and positioning pieces for further exposure in some of their top media.

In addition to this, there’s some very exciting upcoming news for IBA in the insurance market which you should keep your eyes peeled for and is worth the wait!

Full speed ahead – IBA is expanding!

IBA has come out of lockdown with a bang with new clients in the infrastructure, insurance and services spaces. This roaring success has meant IBA is expanding its team. IBA has positions for recent graduates or gap-year students looking for some invaluable experience that will not only kick-start their PR career, but also give them the skills to fully execute their role with confidence and ease. Not only will they be joining a fun, young team but they’ll also benefit from social days such as Founders Day at the Races and out-of-hours pints at our own grainstore – what more could they want?

And if I’m anything to go by, going from work experience to a fully initiated member of the gang, I can safely say the opportunities at IBA international are vast!

Just click on the link to apply: Careers – IBA International (

Lois Unsworth is PR Executive at IBA International.

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