The IBA Public Relations Ecosystem brings together all your material to provide content for prospects

Over half of B2B organizations use email, social media, blogs and magazines when sharing content with prospects

We see our job as helping you build your corporate narrative to support your sales and marketing and deliver it across media and social platforms.

We take existing company material and using our experience in content delivery, add content, repurpose and deliver through a consistent and regular pattern of activities - news stories, blogs, interview, event, social.

Our campaigns are proactive, aggressive and on message. The pattern of activity itself signals leadership and strength.

You can see here how we break down our services - pick and choose and let us help you build and deliver your corporate narrative to help drive your inbound and outbound marketing.

"76% of B2B buyers prefer content unique to their buying stage – Can you tap into their pain points every step of the B2B sales process?"

In more than one country? The IBA hub can deliver our services in any geography.

IBA Services


Targeted content creation from a journalist-trained editorial team.


A full-scale, low-cost PR campaign to get the most out of your content marketing efforts.


The quick and effective way to achieve consistent international coverage for your business.


A smart and simple solution to your B2B social media strategy.


Find the people who influence the buying decisions and convert them into brand advocates.


A low-cost blogging program to strengthen lead-gen and establish authority in your markets.

Want to know more?

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