IBA Executive Profiling services to position your executives as trusted thought leaders in target markets

7 in 10 Customers Will Buy More from Brands They Trust – and Abandon Those They Don’t

Executive profiling is one of the most underused communications tools that companies have in their toolbox. Our executive profiling program helps executive leaders build prestige, heighten credibility and strengthen loyalty among target media. Your executives’ reputation is of critical importance to brand success – building up the profile of your executives influences your entire corporate reputation.

With support from a strong thought leadership campaign, executive profiling acts as the bridge between the products you sell and the people who buy them. Our team of pitch and place experts can position drafted content bylined by your executives in top-tier publications across multiple regions and industries, to set your company’s spokespeople up as key subject matter experts and industry or technology influencers.

The same adage still rings true today: “people buy from people”. With a significant 79% of people saying they make a special effort to buy from brands that are aligned to their personal value, communicating executive leadership can be a key strategic asset.

Whether it’s region or industry-specific, the IBA Pitch&Place hub is uniquely placed to position company spokespeople as trusted advisors.

Between 40 and 70% of a company’s market value is attributed to the CEO’s reputation, so it’s in the entire company’s interest for this person to have positive leadership branding

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Targeted content creation from a journalist-trained editorial team.


A full-scale, low-cost PR campaign to get the most out of your content marketing efforts.


The quick and effective way to achieve consistent international coverage for your business.


A smart and simple solution to your B2B social media strategy.


Find the people who influence the buying decisions and convert them into brand advocates.


A low-cost blogging program to strengthen lead-gen and establish authority in your markets.

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