Throwback Friday: Is it time to call the big name PR agencies bluff?

With budgets under scrutiny, you don’t need advertising budget to get results, let earned media do the signalling.

The Wild West of media relations

There are more PR pros vying for journalist attention than ever before – now standing at 6.2 PR pros for every one journalist! It’s brutal out here!

Establishing journalist relationships in virgin territory – trust is key

PR coverage is a powerful force multiplier to help an organization gain traction in a new industry or geography – but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and building a brand cannot be done in weeks!

There’s no such thing as luck o’ the Irish when it comes to PR and marketing – just IBA’s tried and tested Pitch&Place strategies!

While St. Patrick’s Day may have passed us by with a vast display of parades across the globe, here at IBA we have plenty of international activity of our own to celebrate

Eye of the tiger: IBA and its clients start the year on a high

As I write this blog the Chinese New Year has not yet begun, but IBA and its growing roster of international tech clients are showing all the characteristics of the tiger as the Roman New Year is in full swing...

How can I measure the success of my PR output?

Getting the full picture of PR campaign success can benefit the marketing manager who deployed it, should be used to inform sales & marketing strategies and impact planning at the business level. Metrics from PR campaigns can be gauged on…