Throwback Friday: Words can inspire, words can destroy – choose yours carefully

From columnists and editors to special correspondents and hacks, all of us often go by the simple moniker ‘wordsmiths’. Words do more than provide scrabble fodder. They shape our perceptions – about life, about governments, about business.

Throwback Friday: Are there lessons to be learned from Love Islanders? Brand influencing confirms its worth in the B2B space

Another year has passed, and once again, Love Island is back dominating our tv screens for its eighth series – packed with gossip, scandals, blossoming relationships and more.

Throwback Friday: Farewell to the European Super League (we hardly knew ye) and Hello to the World Cup… PR lessons still to be learned?

Throwback Friday: It takes a pretty large story to break through a news cycle dominated by Covid fog and the aftermath of a royal funeral, but well into the watershed hours Sunday night marked the start of a media whirlwind...

Power to the Press Release! A closer look at the State of the Press Release in 2021 – how to exploit the opportunities that it creates

Many might think it would be easier to just write off the press release at this stage, but it would be a mistake - it’s a crucial tool in any organization’s PR toolbox.

Throwback Friday: Content-led or contact-led PR? Why content rules in B2B media relationships

Remember that old PR mantra “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” said rather cockily by PR execs to describe their ‘special’ relationship with journalist? At IBA we have always known this is not the case.

Throwback Friday: How #PoolGate left the Rio Olympics press office green

Enjoy our Olympic blast from the past in this week’s throwback Friday blog, looking at 'PoolGate' from Rio 2016...

Busting the myth of ‘media engagements’! Three questions to ask about your PR reporting

A year ago the IBA team decided to bust the PR agency myth around "media engagements" vs. actual PR metrics and results. We've sat on too many multi-agency reporting calls only to hear some of the "industry leading" agencies explain…

Are there lessons to be learned from Love Islanders? Brand influencing confirms its worth in the B2B space

It’s back! Love Island has returned to our screens for another summer – and it’s brimming with hopeful singles looking for love - and a soon-to-be career of social media influencing, and brand deals.

June – a Month of New Opportunities, Thought Leadership, and I earn my IBA stripes

June, along with my work experience placement, has flown by with new opportunities for our many clients across our portfolio...

The true meaning of scalable PR: Realize your marketing campaign ambitions at your own pace without paying over the odds

This blog was originally drafted in summer 2021, just as the first signs of first lockdown easing were beginning to creep through – how long ago that seems now! Its purpose was to highlight the importance of scalable PR...