Behind the Muck Rack State of PR 2024 numbers

Muck Rack recently released its State of PR 2024 report, we were quick to have a detailed pick through to find out what’s new.

May the PR force be with you!

Event season is in full swing with pre and post event follow-ups, another huge primary research project fuels the content pipeline, and a new social media universe is discovered in the Fediverse.

You Heard It Here First: As The Disinformation Battle Rages On, PR Pros must stand up and be counted

It’s no April Fool’s joke, digital platforms spread conspiracy theories six times faster than accurate news. We may only be a quarter the way through the year but misinformation in the media landscape is still very much alive and well.…

Throwback Friday: Is there anybody there? How Social Listening can boost B2B brand presence

Look at Tiktok – did any of us really know what the platform was before the pandemic hit? It now adds eight users every second. Using the power of social media to converse with a business audience is now essential…

Social media fans the flames of #FakeNews and #Cancel Culture

If it walks like duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is probably a fake duck! From the 1985 Life on the Moon to September 2023 outbreaks of Ebola in Nevada, the power of fake…

Valuable lessons learned from leaning into the summer lull!

How the IBA team has leaned into the lull this August - much to our clients' success!

We’ve got a spring in our step as we leave April

It’s been a busy start to Q2 with social media support for event activity, briefing calls with subject matter experts for new content, and elevating the power of third-party research.

2023 will see B2C social media platforms break into B2B marketing – are you ready for the wake-up call?

Three key trends that can help B2B companies get ahead 2023 will be a breakthrough year for B2B Marketers on traditionally B2C social media platforms: Think they’re not for you? Think again! Three key trends that can help B2B companies…

Throwback Friday: The clock is TikTok-ing down for B2B marketing

New research on video usage for social media marketing underlines the growing influence of TikTok in this Throwback post.

Thinking of jumping on the Twitter bandwagon Mr Musk? Here’s a breakdown of three #trends we’re all tweeting about

In the B2B world, the power of social media can sometimes be underestimated or even deemed “too B2C” – but it would be a mistake to ignore the benefits social media marketing can bring to PR and marketing strategies.