Crisis management – A B2B PR guide to help a company through a brewing crisis

In today’s immediate digital communications environment, companies have very little time to react to a sudden PR crisis before public opinion steps in. So, what can be done to protect against the power of the internet, and what can be…

Industry spotlight: Digital transformation up ahead – Automotive industry arrives at its digital destination with AutoTech at the wheel

Here’s our breakdown of the top AutoTech innovations that will get the automotive industry back on the road to recovery – it’s not just about driverless EVs!

News is only news when it appears in (digital) print

We’ve all been there as good B2B PR pros and marketing managers – you’ve been working with a customer with global appeal. You’ve drafted a press release that’s been through approval from your own account managers, subject matter experts, corporate…

Eye of the tiger: IBA and its clients start the year on a high

As I write this blog the Chinese New Year has not yet begun, but IBA and its growing roster of international tech clients are showing all the characteristics of the tiger as the Roman New Year is in full swing...

News jacking, ambulance chasing or trendjacking? The real value for B2B businesses

There is real value for B2B companies in newsjacking, but it comes in a very different form from what most PR execs use as their role model of B2C newsjacking.

What to expect in 2022? Four essentials for PR and Marketing to take on board in the coming year

The year 2021 was full of uncertainty and evolution which reshaped the PR and marketing landscape and business agendas alike. The world had to face a continuation of a global pandemic, climate change challenges, supply chains issues, and remote working…

IBA in The News 2021 – by a factor of a million

It’s time for our final blog of 2021! There are three words we would use describe this year: content, placements and growth.

Three takeaways from the 2021 Global Comms report

The ability to constantly assess how to continue to convey the correct message to the correct audience is something every PR Professional needs to ponder. So hot off the press is IBA on some of the Global Comms Report’s key…

IBA ahead of the game – new starters, exciting opportunities and plans for 2022

As we are getting into the colder season (or summer depending on your hemisphere!) IBA is coming in with some hot new news straight from our buzzing office.

Industry spotlight: The technology helping us all eat, drink and be merry over the holiday season

In this next instalment of our Industry Spotlight series, we pick up from where we left off from our previous AgriTech blog, and take a look at the key technologies shaping the food production industry...