Three cheers for the trade and tech media – they stand tall and proud against the rest during this pandemic

In the UK we clap the National Health Service employees every Thursday for their selfless work on the frontline to battle against the COVID-19 virus. Well, I’m all for clapping, raising a glass, calling three cheers, whatever to the trade…

How ‘brand stretch’ can give savvy businesses new market opportunities

After the initial shock of the COVID-19 crisis, the gradually unfolding uncertainty, and the long adjustment to the ‘new normal’, most organizations are now getting ready to plan for the future. Determination and quick thinking are required as businesses draw…

Why now is the time to roll out your marketing campaigns to reach new markets and new geographies

After unprecedented global disruption, businesses are looking to revive plans to reach new markets and geographies. But how do they move their products and services into markets where they have little brand presence and face well-established competitors?

6 PR and comms lessons from 6 companies – great, large and small

It feels like we're now ‘past the peak’ of COVID-19 hospitalization rates - welcome news for us all - and past the peak of shock-factor COVID-19 news items. The conversation is now shifting toward the brave new post-COVID world as…

Getting back to business: Focus on the opportunities rather than the challenges

No-one knows how long social distancing will last but it’s time to start adjusting. Here at IBA we’re helping organizations move forward and think about business post-COVID-19.

How to keep your marketing communications front of house during and after COVID-19: Time to reassess your approach

It’s going to take a while for things to get back to usual following the coronavirus pandemic – businesses don’t and probably won’t have appetite to spend the tens and thousands of dollars on communications every month they once did.