With some countries entering their fifth week of lockdown, it’s clear that our current circumstances might be here for some time to come. No one knows how long social distancing will last but it’s time to start adjusting to the new normal. With that in mind, here at IBA we’re helping organizations move forward and think about business post-COVID-19 by laying out PR plans that will have benefits in the long term. That means focusing on the opportunities presented by the new circumstances rather than the challenges. Let’s see how we’ve been getting on:

Be brave – go virtual!

It comes as no surprise that many events have been cancelled due to COVID-19. But for B2B organizations that generate a lot of their sales leads on the conference circuit, this can be a big blow to business. Yet you don’t have to hit the panic button and cancel – taking your event virtual can be just as successful and is a great signal of business strength. The global insurance technology provider we work with has been leading the way here, taking their biggest UK customer event online – and we’ll be supporting them every step of the way with invitations, press releases and social media promotions.

Working smart to communicate timely messages

Moving to our A&D software client, we’ve been helping them think outside of the box to adapt and plan pipeline campaigns, helping them spot areas where they have market potential. We’ve sieved through existing content assets to see if any offer insightful solutions to new challenges presented by the pandemic – such as paperless maintenance signoffs in the commercial aviation industry, and maintenance tasks that don’t require face-to-face contact. It’s all about working smart – when you already have the content on file, it’s merely a case of reworking, rather than drafting from scratch, so you can quickly communicate timely messages.

Don’t be afraid to shout about what you’re doing well

Customer case studies have taken the spotlight for our enterprise software client in North America this month. During this time prospects will be noticing the level of customer support that a company offers – and case studies are a great and timely way to communicate this. Our client’s software has helped customers to continue manufacturing operations and customer support through merged reality, despite the social distancing restrictions. A blog post by the client was quickly reworked by the editorial team at IBA into a case study which has already seen many placements and strong interest in manufacturing and service media.

It’s time to focus on the future

Despite new challenges, we’ve helped our clients, whatever industry that they work in, to seize new opportunities – thinking creatively about their solutions and how they can communicate them. Learn more about how IBA can help you boost your PR activity levels during and after the pandemic here.

Eleanor Rhodes is PR Executive at IBA International.

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