The ‘AI century’ is here, but how effective really is it in PR?

Evidence suggests almost every industry wants a slice of the AI-pie, and it seems the public relations sphere is not immune.

Throwback Friday: Playing the long game – How brands can come off better through tough times

As businesses look to manage costs during this disruptive period, marketing and PR budgets come under review. But as our own research during the pandemic found out, in the B2B world this is an opportunity to show your business value…

A week at IBA – and a whistle-stop tour of executive profiling, trend jacking, and horses for courses

New recruit Sam Walker brings us his whistle-stop tour of his first week at IBA, from TikTok to global supply chain issues, webchat to humanizing AI, and with a horse thrown in for good measure

The four keys to turn your Subject Matter Experts into the trusted Evangelists top tier media crave

Beware the pitfalls when extracting subject matter experts thoughts, drafting the article, and placing it in the right publication!

The Queen’s cross-generational appeal – an IBA Vox Pop

In today’s IBA blog, we pay our own tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The power of executive profiling to boost leads and sales – and get more bang for your marketing buck

Generating new business in an uncertain landscape is no easy feat – in the B2B space, sales involve a complex network of stakeholders including buying influencers, purchasers and ratifiers.

Jumping for joy in August: Interviews, in-person and horse events, and a prize for the French to kickstart the event circuit countdown

As we pass the midway point in Q3, the weather may have cooled down – but things are still heating up here in the IBA office!

The metaverse is coming. B2B marketers should start taking notes…

As soon as Mark Zuckerberg renamed his Facebook empire Meta, we all knew instinctively that the Metaverse was going to become part of our lives, with expansion forecasted at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 48%...

The search is on for content-driven SEO – what’s changed in the past two years?

Last week my colleague Elizabeth Quinlan took a step outside the box of SEO into Brain Engine Optimization – this week we focus on SEO and its relationship to content marketing.

It’s SEO but not as we know it! How PR and marketing pros should leverage the oldest search engine in the world – the human brain – in a digitally distracted world

With all the latest digital advancements in the world of PR and marketing, it can be easy to lose sight of what really drives B2B sales – people! In this time of digital overload, PR and marketing pros are competing…