Building B2B Brands - it's easier than you think

You have a really clever solution. It’s disruptive. It’s changing the way people do business.

How can you find prospects? How can they find you? And once you find them, how can you persuade them to trust you and to buy from you?

In B2C, it’s easy – free offers, discounted sales, 3 for 2 promotions, throw away if you don’t like it. Not so in B2B. Here the buying decision involves a number of people and could run into a six figure price tag – or more. People need to be sure.

It’s all about building brand acceptance. IBA helps you build your brand through a proactive and targeted mix of social media, blogging, news and earned media placements around your solution with its USP and target customer pain points.

Simple to set up, single source, fixed prices, low cost

You grow, add a new market, target a new geography, add a region - Americas, Europe, AsiaPac. The IBA hub reaches out with you.

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