Content Creation

60% of B2B organizations say producing engaging content is the top content marketing challenge

Good content is at the heart of a successful B2B campaign. Why? Because if you can’t tell your target audience in compelling and credible way what you do, the leads won’t come in.

Your website needs populating with well drafted content to drive traffic and inbound leads. You need case studies and media news alerts to provide those all-important third-party endorsements. Here’s the typical scenario we find:

  • You already have content but are struggling to maximise its reach and impact in the media
  • Magazine editorial teams don’t seem interested in using your stories – they just ask for advertising
  • There's no time to write that blog, press release or case study

IBA knows how to make your content work harder for you and that will start the leads rolling in. We can create new content, place existing content, re-work content and place it more than once – an article, blog, or LinkedIn post.

How does it work?
We write, we re-use, we place.

IBA runs an editorial office staffed by a team of journalistically trained writers. We work with you to define a content creation strategy that will elevate your brand in target markets and address key customer and prospect pain points. We will audit your existing content, we will recommend new content:

"Looking for 2nd round finance but don't have a PR strategy? Get coverage in your target publications to demonstrate acceptance of your disruptive technology"

We work from a fixed-price list, our content is well-written, on message and easily budgetable.
Once you’ve got quality content, how do you get it in the hands of potential customers? See how the IBA Pitch&Place team can use this content to position you as an industry leader in your target market.

IBA Services


Targeted content creation from a journalist-trained editorial team.


A full-scale, low-cost PR campaign to get the most out of your content marketing efforts.


The quick and effective way to achieve consistent international coverage for your business.


A smart and simple solution to your B2B social media strategy.


Find the people who influence the buying decisions and convert them into brand advocates.


A low-cost blogging program to strengthen lead-gen and establish authority in your markets.

Want to know more?

If you want learn more about what we do and help you achieve your marketing goals, get in touch with the IBA team.