Content Creation

Media relationships are changing. Editorial staff are getting smaller - less journalists mean less potential for physical face-time. The relationship has become content-driven, and a company is only as good as its content in the eyes of deadline-conscious journalists.

IBA's editorial office is just like a newsroom, staffed by a team of journalistically trained writers. Our editorial team can craft content on demand, be that press releases, bylined thought-leadership articles, interview responses, positioning papers, blogs, LinkedIn posts and much more. We write once, deliver many times. Our copy is always on-message.

IBA Services


Targeted content creation from a journalist-trained editorial team.


A full-scale, low-cost PR campaign to get the most out of your content marketing efforts.


The quick and effective way to achieve consistent international coverage for your business.


A smart and simple solution to your B2B social media strategy.


Find the people who influence the buying decisions and convert them into brand advocates.

Targeted Delivery

Thought-leadership and brand messages delivered directly to target media.