Cross-industry expertise

IBA positions technology clients in a variety of markets

IT and Software

The IT space is a big space - and a busy one. How do you cut through the noise to reach you audiences and deliver your key messages in a way that gets noticed? IBA has been at the front of every major IT technology wave since the 1960s, helping its clients stay front of mind and at the center of attention. From small start-ups to some of the world's biggest players, we can get to the heart of the stories that matter to your customers and prospects.


Influencing new technology waves is engrained in the culture of IBA. This is no more evident than our work in the world's fastest growing industry, FinTech. From re-positioning traditional financial institutions to growing the brand presence of technology disruptors, IBA has extensive experience with finance and payment media outlets. The team plan a consistent stream of activity to cut through the FinTech chatter, and place our clients at the forefront of innovative change.

Enterprise Communications

CPaaS, UCaaS, IaaS, PaaS? Enterprise communications is about more than just acronyms. These are the technologies and delivery mechanisms which are creating real change for the people and businesses that are using them. From hardware to software, from the datacenter to the network edge, we understand the technologies driving change and can build the right content strategy to elevate your brand in a competitive landscape.

Aerospace & Defense

From aircraft that keep the bustling commercial industry moving to tough and complex military equipment, IBA understands the importance and complexity of the Aerospace & Defense industry. IBA has a track record of quality coverage in A&D - from the US & UK to the Middle East and Asia-Pac - and content proven to help in the sales process. Our specialist strategy and industry knowledge advances the objectives of our A&D clients to put them front and center of the industry conversation.


The increasingly competitive nature of the insurance industry has put pressure on insurers to adopt new and innovative technology to help protect the bottom line. IBA has a strong reputation of helping insurance service providers demonstrate the value of their technology to the wider industry, through customer case studies, bylined articles and award entries. Current clients include one of the world’s leading insurance and data analytics firms.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is going through a major transformation with new technology providing companies with the opportunity to digitize, optimize, and automate processes that were not previously connected. As the industry moves further into uncharted waters IBA understands the importance of giving organizations a unique edge to ensure top-tier coverage, helping to increase brand awareness and win business.

Public Sector

There are few things more important than the public services which keep societies functioning. Technology companies play their part by providing solutions that have a vital role in public care, development and travel. The flexible campaigns constructed by IBA have produced great success for clients across healthcare, education, transport and more.


The education sector is undergoing a technology revolution. From K-12 to further and higher education, IBA has positioned clients alongside developing industry hot topics in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Key messaging has included smart infrastructure, the rising bring your own device (BYOD) culture and a new breed of management information systems.